Once again, the wooded hills and valleys of the Osage resounded with the sounds of the ceremonial drum calling Tribesmen to ceremony. Another summer and again the spirit of Mic-O-Say was strengthened with the addition of new members.

The 2007 camping season began with the Tribal Celebration. There were many opportunities for fun and fellowship and the weekend concluded with the naming of Mr. Dick Martin to be our 78th Presiding Chieftain.

Direct leadership to the Called Braves and Warriors was provided by the three Mic-O-Say Advisors; Mic Finn, Bruce Reed, and Dick Brown. Aiding them were the three Mic-O-Say Counselors; Nathan Lacey, Joe Beck and Jared Thate.

Much good and meaningful work was accomplished by the Warrior work crews under the supervision of Lester Ham and Jim Todd. John Olvera Sr. and Nick Nichols are to be commended for the excellent work they did in encouraging and supporting improvement in tribal attire.

Recording Medicine Man Merlyn Grubb reports that 1351 new members joined our Tribe in 2007. Of these 908 were new Braves, 363 new Honorary Warriors, and 80 Honored Women. We also recognized 904 Scouts as Foxmen and hope to see them return next year to become tribesmen.

Seven hundred twenty-seven Braves took their next step by advancing to the rank of Warrior. A total of 950 young Tribesmen added new paint their claws – 401 Firebuilders, 259 Tom Tom Beaters, 163 Runners, 80 Keepers of the Sacred Bundle and 47 Shamans.

Throughout the summer, Sixty-seven Tribesmen received Tribal Council elevations. During first session, David Allen was elevated to Chieftain and later in the summer, Congressman Ike Skelton was also elevated to Chieftain.  

The Silver Coup, also known as the Chiefs coup, was awarded to two dedicated Tribesmen for special merit and outstanding service to the Tribe of Mic-O-Say. Chief Faithful Eagle (Tim Bugg) presented the Silver Coup to William Koch (Medicine Man Towering Cottonwood) and Richard Weiland (Medicine Man Walking Asking Bear).

The 2008 Tribal Gathering is already in the planning stages. If all goes as planned, we will be assembling in the NEW Lone Bear Council Ring.

Listen to your hearts and live your commitments and we will gather together again for ceremony and brotherhood. It is indeed my pleasure to serve as your Directing Medicine Man.

Dave Woodman
Directing Medicine Man Painted Elk