Trailhead District Leadership

Position Name Phone Email
District Chairman Rob Baker 913-338-4430 
District Commissioner Roger Johnson 913-387-9896
District Director Josh Morales 816-569-4961
District Executive Lizz Rhodus 816-569-4970
District Vice Chair of Support Tracy Thomas 913-638-8133
Membership Chairman Dave Timpe 913-226-3566
Cub Scout Recruiting Donna Brandt 816-809-8059
Retention / Webelos -> Scout Kathi Cook 
New Unit Bill Mauer    
Advancement Chairman Rob Sisco 913-488-1013
Cub Scout Advancement      
Life to Eagle Transition Bob Miller 913-685-3729
Risk Management Barry Fowler 210-483-3487
PR  Lisa Harrison 913-522-5049 
Communications  Will England 913-269-6379
Vice Chair of Program Nancy Vinsant

Activities Chairman Paul Rieger 913-461-5448
Camping Chairman Paul Bertrand 913-577-8311
Day Camp Program Director Paul Hemenway
Training Chairman Gene Bellner 913-894-2288
Vice Chair of Finance Jeff Muchow 913-221-5361
Family Investment in Character John McCabe 816-352-9339
Patron Lunch Chairman Ron Vinsant    
Community Investment in Character Dan Schorgl    
Grants & Foundations Chair Greg Murphy 913-322-5819
Popcorn Chair Catherine Kost 913-262-7935