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School Night Date School Night Time School Town
27-Aug 6:30pm Wellington/Napoleon Wellington
27-Aug 7pm Odessa Upper (@ McQuerry Elem) Odessa
27-Aug 7pm McQuerry Elementary Odessa
27-Aug 7pm Leslie Bell Lexington
29-Aug 7pm Grandview Elementary Higginsville
29-Aug 7pm Immanuel Lutheran (@ Grandview Elem) Higginsville
29-Aug 7pm Trinity Lutheran Alma
29-Aug 7pm Santa Fe Elementary Waverly
29-Aug 7pm Victory Christian (@ Santa Fe Elem) Waverly
3-Sep 7pm Carrollton Carrollton
3-Sep   Adams Deitrich Carrollton
3-Sep   Bosworth Elementary (@ Carrollton) Bosworth
3-Sep   Hale Elementary (@ Carrollton) Hale
3-Sep   Tina-Avalon (@ Carrollton) Tina
5-Sep 7pm Sunrise Elementary Richmond
5-Sep 7pm Dear Elem (@ Sunrise Elementary) Richmond
5-Sep 7pm Hardin-Central (@ Sunrise Elementary) Hardin
    Norborne Elementary Norborne
    Concordia (@ Concordia Scout Cabin) Concordia
    St. Paul's Lutheran Elementary (@ Concordia Scout Cabin) Concordia
    Missouri City (@ Orrick Elementary) Missouri City
    Orrick Elementary Orrick
27-Aug 7pm Cordill-Mason Blue Springs
27-Aug 7pm Daniel Young Blue Springs
27-Aug 7pm James Walker Blue Springs
27-Aug 7pm John Nowlin Blue Springs
27-Aug 7pm Lucy Franklin Blue Springs
27-Aug 7pm Sunny Pointe Blue Springs
27-Aug 7pm William Yates Blue Springs
27-Aug 7pm James Lewis Blue Springs
27-Aug 7pm Thomas Ultican Blue Springs
27-Aug 7pm William Bryant Blue Springs
27-Aug 7pm Plaza Heights Baptist Blue Springs
27-Aug 7pm Timothy Lutheran Blue Springs
27-Aug 7pm St. John LaLande Blue Springs
27-Aug 7pm Little Blue Raytown
10-Sep 7pm Blue Hills Ft. Osage
10-Sep 7pm Cler-Mont Ft. Osage
10-Sep 7pm Indian Trails Ft. Osage
10-Sep 7pm Elm Grove Ft. Osage
10-Sep 7pm Buckner Ft. Osage
10-Sep 7pm Prairie Branch Grain Valley
10-Sep 7pm Sni-a-Bar Grain Valley
10-Sep 7pm Stony Point Grain Valley
10-Sep 7pm Matthews Grain Valley
10-Sep 7pm Oak Grove Elementary Oak Grove
10-Sep 7pm Oak Grove Primary School Oak Grove
10-Sep 7pm Family Christian Academy Independence
12-Sep 7pm Franklin Smith Blue Springs
12-Sep 7pm Messiah Lutheran Independence
12-Sep 7pm The School House Independence
12-Sep 7pm Center Place Restoration Independence
12-Sep 7pm Nativity Independence
12-Sep 7pm Blackburn Independence
12-Sep 7pm Fairmount Independence
12-Sep 7pm Glendale Independence
12-Sep 7pm Korte Independence
12-Sep 7pm Little Blue Independence
12-Sep 7pm Luff Independence
12-Sep 7pm Mill Creek Independence
12-Sep 7pm Ott Independence
12-Sep 7pm Procter Independence
12-Sep 7pm Randall Independence
12-Sep 7pm Santa Fe Trail Independence
12-Sep 7pm Spring Branch Independence
12-Sep 7pm Sugar Creek Independence
12-Sep 7pm Sycamore Independence
12-Sep 7pm Three Trails Independence
12-Sep 7pm Benton Independence
12-Sep 7pm Bryant Independence
12-Sep 7pm William Southern Independence
    Solid Rock Christian Academy Independence
    Rainbow Center Blue Springs
    Abraham Mallinson Sugar Creek
    Pitcher Kansas City
    Longfellow Elementary Magnet Kansas City
10-Aug 7pm Ft. Leavenworth Pair Day Leavenworth
13-Aug 7pm Pleasant Ridge Easton
13-Aug 7pm Salt Creek Valley (@ Pleasant Ridge) Easton
20-Aug 7pm Lawson Leavenworth
20-Aug 7pm Henry Leavenworth Elementary Leavenworth
20-Aug 6pm Oak Grove Turner/KCK
21-Aug 7pm Anthony Leavenworth
21-Aug 7pm David Brewer Elementary Leavenworth
4-Sep 7pm Basehor Elementary Basehor
5-Sep 7pm Glenwood Ridge Elementary Basehor
27-Aug 7pm Edwardsville Elementary Edwardsville
10-Sep 7pm Linwood Elementary Basehor
10-Sep 7pm JFK KCK
11-Sep 7pm Stony Point South Elementary KCK
28-Aug 7pm Delaware Ridge Elementary Bonner Springs
27-Aug 7pm Bonner Springs Elementary Bonner Springs
12-Sep 7pm White Church Elementary KCK
10-Sep   Claude Huyck KCK
12-Sep   Hazel Grove Elementary KCK
11-Sep   Noble Prentis KCK
17-Sep   Parker Elementary KCK
12-Sep   TA Edison Elementary KCK
5-Sep   Bertram Caruthers Elementary KCK
    Mark Twain KCK
10-Sep   Bethel KCK
28-Aug   Holy Name Catholic KCK
29-Aug   Our Lady of Unity KCK
    Christ the King KCK
    St. Patricks Catholic KCK
    Resurrection Catholic School KCK
22-Aug   St Paul Lutheran Elementary Leavenworth
22-Aug   Xavier Elementary Leavenworth
    Valor Christian Academy KCK
27-Aug   Midland Trail Turner/KCK
29-Aug   Turner Turner/KCK
28-Aug   Junction Elementary Turner/KCK
27-Aug   Lansing Elementary Lansing
29-Aug   Genesis School Tonganoxie
29-Aug   Tonganoxie Tonganoxie
10-Sep   Piper (@ Piper East) Piper
10-Sep   Piper East Piper
22-Aug 7pm Maple Grove Warrensburg
22-Aug 7pm Sterling Warrensburg
22-Aug 7pm Ridge View Warrensburg
22-Aug 7pm Martin Warren Warrensburg
22-Aug 7pm Butler Elementary Butler
22-Aug 7pm Ballard Elementary Butler
22-Aug 7pm Adrian Adrian
24-Aug 1pm Whiteman Knob Noster
26-Aug 7pm Kingsville Kingsville
27-Aug 7pm Appleton City Appleton City
27-Aug 7pm Holy Rosary Clinton
27-Aug 7pm Clinton Christian Academy Clinton
27-Aug 7pm Henry Clinton
27-Aug 7pm Clinton Intermediate (@ Henry Elementary) Clinton
27-Aug 7pm Davis (@ Henry Elementary) Clinton
27-Aug 7pm Leesville (@ Henry Elementary) Clinton
27-Aug 7pm Shawnee Mound Chilhowee
27-Aug 7pm Hudson (@ Appleton City Elementary) Appleton City
27-Aug 6:30pm Windsor/Calhoun Calhoun
27-Aug 6:30pm Leeton (@ Windsor Elementary) Leeton
28-Aug 7pm Crestridge Centerview
29-Aug 7pm Montrose (@ Appleton City Elementary) Appleton City
29-Aug 6:30pm Knob Noster Knob Noster
4-Sep 7pm Holden Intermediate/Elem Holden
5-Sep 7pm Lakeland Lowry City
4-Sep 7pm Chilhowee Elementary (@ Holden) Chilhowee
    Hume Clinton
    Rich Hill Rich Hill
11-Sep 7pm Osceola Elem/Roscoe Elem Osceola
20-Aug 7pm English Landing KC North/Riverside (45 Hwy/Klamm)
20-Aug 7pm Prairie Point KC North (Belvidere/N. Congress)
20-Aug 7pm Renner KC North (Barry E of Congress)
20-Aug 7pm Southeast Riverside/Houston Lake (Northwood)
20-Aug 7pm Tiffany Ridge KCMO
20-Aug 6:30pm Union Chapel Parkville
20-Aug 7pm Chinn Platte Woods (72nd E of I-29)
20-Aug 7pm Hawthorn KC North (NW Barry/152)
20-Aug 7pm Graden Parkville (45 Hwy/9 Hwy)
26-Aug 7pm Clardy KC North (Troost Rd)
27-Aug 7pm Briarcliff N. Kansas City (Briarcliff Rd)
27-Aug 7pm Chouteau KC North/Avondale (Jackson/Parvin)
27-Aug 7pm Crestview KC North (42nd/North Oak)
27-Aug 7pm Davidson Gladstone (Highland/Vivion)
27-Aug 7pm Ravenwood Elementary KC North (North Brighton)
27-Aug 7pm Topping KC North
27-Aug 7pm West Englewood KC North (Englewood, W of 169)
27-Aug 7pm Winnwood KC North (N Brighton/Parvin)
27-Aug 7pm Meadowbrook Gladstone (Shady Lane/Michigan)
27-Aug 7pm Maplewood Claycomo (N. Fremont, W. of I-435)
27-Aug 7pm Gracemor Claycomo (Worlds of Fun/Sycamore)
27-Aug 7pm Lakewood KC North (N Norton/Penguin Park)
27-Aug 7pm Gashland KC North (N. Oak/Barry Rd)
27-Aug 7pm Oakwood Manor Gladstone (Flora, N of Englewood)
27-Aug 7pm Line Creek KC North (Waukomis)
28-Aug 7pm Linden West Gladstone (near NE 72nd/N. Oak)
28-Aug 7pm Nashua KC North (Nashua Area)
28-Aug 7pm Chapel Hill Gladstone (NE 67th Ter/N Indiana)
28-Aug 7pm Northview KC North (92nd/Indiana)
28-Aug 7pm Barry KC North (Platte Purchase Rd.)
28-Aug 7pm Pathfinder Elementary (@ Barry Elementary) KC North (Platte Purchase Rd.)
28-Aug 7pm Oakhill Day School Gladstone
28-Aug 7pm St Gabriels KC North
29-Aug 7pm Siegrist Platte City (92 Hwy)
29-Aug 7pm Paxton Platte City (92 Hwy)
29-Aug 7pm Smithville Lower Smithville (near downtown)
29-Aug 7pm Smithville Upper Elementary Smithville (near downtown)
29-Aug 7pm Fox Hill KC North (NE 106th )
29-Aug 7pm West Platte Elementary WEston
29-Aug 5:15pm Martin Luther Academy Parkville (72nd St)
4-Sep 7pm St Andrews Gladstone (NE Antioch)
4-Sep 7pm St Charles Gladstone (Shady Lane/North Oak)
4-Sep 7pm St Patricks KC North (Davidson & I29)
4-Sep 7pm Northland Christian Elem KC North (NE Cookingham Rd)
4-Sep 7pm St Therese Parkville/Platte Woods (Hwy 9)
4-Sep 7pm St James Liberty
4-Sep 7pm Dogwood Kearney
4-Sep 7pm Kearney Elementary Kearney
4-Sep 7pm Southview Kearney
4-Sep 7pm Hawthorne Kearney
4-Sep 7pm Lewis Excelsior Springs
4-Sep 7pm Westview Excelsior Springs
4-Sep 7pm Elkhorn Excelsior Springs
4-Sep 7pm Southwest Elementary Lawson
4-Sep 7pm Bell Prairie Elementary KC North (Maplewood Parkway)
11-Sep 7pm Doniphan Liberty (Liberty Dr)
11-Sep 7pm Franklin Liberty (Mill St/Gallatin)
11-Sep 7pm Kellybrook Elementary KC North (152 Hwy/I35)
11-Sep 7pm Lewis & Clark Liberty
11-Sep 7pm Liberty Oaks Liberty/Pleasant Valley (N Farley)
11-Sep 7pm Lillian Schumacher Liberty (Claywoods Pkwy)
11-Sep 7pm Manor Hill Liberty (Skyline Dr)
11-Sep 7pm Shoal Creek Liberty/Pleasant Valley (Flintlock Rd.)
11-Sep 7pm Warren Hills Liberty (A Hwy/291)
11-Sep 7pm Ridgeview Liberty (Ridge/Liberty Dr)
19-Aug 7pm Hope Lutheran Merriam
21-Aug 7pm Broken Arrow Shawnee
  7pm Maranatha (@ Broken Arrow Elementary) Shawnee
21-Aug 7pm Clear Creek Shawnee
22-Aug 7pm Starside (@ Methodist Church) Shawnee
25-Aug 7pm Prairie Ridge Shawnee
22-Aug 7pm Riverview Shawnee
22-Aug 6:30pm Good Shepherd Shawnee
22-Aug 7pm St. Joseph Prairie Village
22-Aug 7pm Belinder Prairie Village
22-Aug 7pm Rushton Prairie Village
22-Aug 7pm Ray Marsh Shawnee
22-Aug 7pm Rhein Benninghoven Shawnee
27-Aug 7pm Prairie Mission
27-Aug 7pm Oak Park-Carpenter Overland Park
27-Aug 7pm Merriam Park Merriam
27-Aug 7pm Horizon Shawnee
27-Aug 7pm Belmont Shawnee
27-Aug 7pm St Agnes (@ St Ann's) Shawnee
27-Aug 7pm St Ann's Prairie Village
27-Aug 7pm East Antioch Prairie Village
28-Aug 7pm Mize Shawnee
29-Aug 7pm John Paul II Overland Park
29-Aug 7pm Shawanoe (@ Nieman Elementary) Shawnee
29-Aug 7pm Nieman Shawnee
4-Sep 7pm Roesland Roeland Park
5-Sep 7pm Westwood View Westwood
5-Sep 7pm Comanche Overland Park
5-Sep 7pm Crestview Merriam
5-Sep 7pm Santa Fe Trail Overland Park
5-Sep 7pm Highlands Prairie Village
5-Sep 7pm Bluejacket-Flint Merriam
5-Sep 6:30pm Sacred Heart Shawnee
20-Aug 6:30pm Kennedy Elementary Lawrence
20-Aug 7pm Woodlawn Elementary (@ First Christian Church) Lawrence
20-Aug 7pm Pinckney Elementary (@ First Christian Church) Lawrence
20-Aug 7pm New York Elementary (@ First Christian Church) Lawrence
27-Aug 7pm Raintree Montessori School (@ Sunflower Elementary) Lawrence
27-Aug 7pm Sunset Hill Elementary Lawrence
27-Aug 7pm Sunflower Elementary Lawrence
27-Aug 7pm Hillcrest Elementary Lawrence
28-Aug 7pm Deerfield Elementary Lawrence
28-Aug 7pm Prairie Park Elementary Lawrence
28-Aug 6:30pm St John Catholic School Lawrence
29-Aug 6:30pm Baldwin Primary/Intermediate Baldwin
29-Aug 6:30pm Langston Hughes Elementary Lawrence
29-Aug 6:30pm Cordley Elementary (@ Schwegler Elementary) Lawrence
29-Aug 6pm Quail Run Elementary Lawrence
22-Aug 6:30pm Broken Arrow Elementary Lawrence
29-Aug 6:30pm Schwegler Elementary Lawrence
29-Aug 6:30pm Corpus Christi Catholic School Lawrence
4-Sep 7pm Eudora (@ Nottingham Elementary Bldg) Eudora
5-Sep 6:30pm Veritas Christian School Lawrence
16-Aug   Holliday Montessori Kansas City
19-Aug 6:30pm James Elementary Kansas City
21-Aug 5pm Hartman Elem Magnet Kansas City
24-Aug 6pm Calvary Lutheran Kansas City
27-Aug 6:30pm St Elizabeth Kansas City
27-Aug 6:30pm St Peter's School Kansas City
27-Aug 7pm Academie Lafayette Kansas City
29-Aug 6:30pm Boone Elementary Kansas City
29-Aug 6:30pm Center Elementary Kansas City
29-Aug 6:30pm Indian Creek Elementary Kansas City
29-Aug 6:30pm Trailwoods Elementary Kansas City
5-Sep 6:30pm Red Bridge Elementary Kansas City
12-Sep 6:30pm Holy Cross Elementary School Kansas City
19-Sep 6:30pm Our Lady of Angels Kansas City
19-Sep 6:30pm Our Lady of Guadalupe Kansas City
24-Sep 6:30pm Brookside Charter Kansas City
24-Sep 6pm Pembroke Hill School Kansas City
24-Sep 6pm Notre Dame De Sion Kansas City
24-Sep 6pm St Pauls Episcopal Day School Kansas City
26-Sep 6:30pm Border Star Montessori Kansas City
    Satchel Paige Elementary Kansas City
    Primitivo Garcia Elementary Kansas City
    Phillis Wheatley Elementary Kansas City
    Melcher Elementary Kansas City
    Attucks Elementary Kansas City
    ACE Collegium Lower Campus Kansas City
    Genesis Charter School Kansas City
    Wendell Phillips Elementary Magnet Kansas City
    B Banneker Charter Academy Kansas City
    Della Lamb Kansas City
    Allen Village Charter School Kansas City
    Whitefield Academy Kansas City
    Visitation Kansas City
    Christ the King Kansas City
    Universal Academy (IRA) Kansas City
    Bethel AME Kansas City
20-Aug 7pm Heatherstone Olathe
22-Aug 7pm Regency Place Olathe
22-Aug 7pm Indian Creek Elementary Olathe
22-Aug 7pm Heartland Overland Park
22-Aug 6:30pm Prince of Peace Olathe
27-Aug 6:30pm Heritage Christian Academy (Westminster) Overland Park
27-Aug 7pm Green Springs Olathe
27-Aug 7pm Sunnyside Olathe
27-Aug 7pm Heritage Olathe
27-Aug 7pm Prairie Creek Spring Hill
28-Aug 6:30pm Sunset Ridge Overland Park
  6:30pm Arbor Creek Olathe
27-Aug 7pm Liberty View Overland Park
28-Aug 6:30pm Morse Overland Park
28-Aug 6:30pm Cottonwood Point Overland Park
28-Aug 6:30pm Cedar Hills Overland Park
28-Aug 7pm Walnut Grove Olathe
28-Aug 7pm Bentwood Olathe
28-Aug 7pm Briarwood Olathe
28-Aug 7pm Pleasant Ridge Overland Park
28-Aug 7pm Madison Place Olathe
28-Aug 7pm Scarborough Olathe
  7pm Spring Hill Spring Hill
28-Aug 7pm Southdowns Park Olathe
29-Aug 7pm Harmony Overland Park
29-Aug 6:30pm TimberCreek Overland Park
29-Aug 6:30pm Oak Hill Overland Park
29-Aug 7pm Country Side Olathe
29-Aug 7pm Havencroft Olathe
29-Aug 7pm Black Bob Olathe
29-Aug 7pm Brougham Olathe
  7pm Ascension Overland Park
5-Sep 7pm Tomahawk Olathe
28-Aug 7pm Christ Lutheran Olathe
    Holy Spirit Overland Park
20-Aug 7pm Harrisonville Elementary/McEowen Harrisonville
20-Aug 7pm Strasburg Rural Cass County
20-Aug 7pm Pleasant Hill Elementary/Primary Pleasant Hill
20-Aug 7pm Barstow Private Schools
20-Aug 7pm Harrisonville Christian Private Schools
20-Aug 7pm St Thomas More Private Schools
20-Aug 7pm East Lynne Rural Cass County
22-Aug 7pm Conn-West Grandview
22-Aug 7pm Martin City Grandview
22-Aug 7pm Butcher-Greene Grandview
22-Aug 7pm Belvidere Grandview
22-Aug 7pm Meadowmere Grandview
22-Aug 7pm Johnson Elementary Hickman Mills
22-Aug 7pm Symington Elementary Hickman Mills
22-Aug 7pm Warford Elementary Hickman Mills
22-Aug 7pm Santa Fe Hickman Mills
22-Aug 7pm Dobbs Elementary Kansas City
22-Aug 7pm Our Lady of Presentation Private Schools
22-Aug 7pm St Regis Private Schools
27-Aug 7pm Cambridge Elementary Belton
27-Aug 7pm Kentucky Trail Belton
27-Aug 7pm Hillcrest Elementary Belton
27-Aug 7pm Scott Belton
27-Aug 7pm Gladden Elementary Belton
27-Aug 7pm Chapel Lakes Blue Springs
27-Aug 7pm Voy Spears Blue Springs
27-Aug 7pm Blue Ridge Raytown
27-Aug 7pm Eastwood Hills Raytown
27-Aug 6pm Fleetridge Raytown
27-Aug 7pm Laurel Hills Raytown
27-Aug 7pm Norfleet Raytown
27-Aug 7pm Robinson Raytown
27-Aug 7pm Southwood Raytown
27-Aug 7pm Spring Valley Raytown
27-Aug 7pm Westridge Elementary Raytown
27-Aug 7pm Archie Rural Cass County
27-Aug 7pm Cass Midway Rural Cass County
27-Aug 7pm Sherwood Rural Cass County
27-Aug 7pm Drexel Rural Cass County
29-Aug 7pm Cedar Creek Elementary Lee's Summit
29-Aug 7pm Greenwood Lee's Summit
29-Aug 7pm Longview Farms Lee's Summit
29-Aug 7pm Mason Lee's Summit
29-Aug 7pm Meadow Lane Elementary Lee's Summit
29-Aug 7pm Pleasant Lea Elementary Lee's Summit
29-Aug 7pm Prairie View Elementary Lee's Summit
29-Aug 7pm Richardson Elementary Lee's Summit
29-Aug 7pm Summit Pointe Lee's Summit
29-Aug 7pm Sunset Valley Lee's Summit
29-Aug 7pm Trailridge Elementary Lee's Summit
29-Aug 7pm Underwood Elementary Lee's Summit
29-Aug 7pm Westview Lee's Summit
29-Aug 7pm Woodland Elementary (@ Highland Park) Lee's Summit
29-Aug 7pm Lee's Summit Elem/Primary Lee's Summit
29-Aug 7pm Hazel Grove Lee's Summit
29-Aug 7pm Hawthorn Hill Lee's Summit
29-Aug 7pm Highland Park Lee's Summit
29-Aug 7pm Lee's Summit Christian Private Schools
29-Aug 7pm Lone Jack Lone Jack
5-Sep 7pm Burke Hickman Mills
5-Sep 7pm Ingels Elementary Hickman Mills
5-Sep 7pm Creekmoor Raymore Peculiar
5-Sep 7pm Peculiar Raymore Peculiar
5-Sep 7pm Raymore Raymore Peculiar
5-Sep 7pm Timber Creek Elementary (K-4) Raymore/Peculiar
5-Sep 7pm Shull Raymore Peculiar
5-Sep 7pm Stonegate Raymore/Peculiar
22-Aug 7pm Islamic Society of Greater KC Private Schools
22-Aug 7pm Truman Hickman Mills
27-Aug 7pm Brookwood Leawood
27-Aug 7pm Blue River Overland Park
27-Aug 7pm Pawnee Overland Park
27-Aug 7pm Apache Overland Park
27-Aug 7pm Cure of Ars Prairie Village
27-Aug 7pm Stilwell (Stilwell UMC Basement) Stilwell
27-Aug 7pm Briarwood Prairie Village
28-Aug 7pm Overland Trail Overland Park
28-Aug 7pm Church of the Resurrection Leawood
28-Aug 7pm Valley Park Overland Park
28-Aug 7pm Indian Valley Overland Park
28-Aug 7pm Overland Park Overland Park
28-Aug 7pm Corinth Prairie Village
28-Aug 7pm Brookridge Overland Park
29-Aug 7pm Nativity Leawood
29-Aug 7pm Leawood Leawood
27-Aug 7pm Hebrew Academy Overland Park
27-Aug 7pm Diemer Overland Park
29-Aug 7pm Trailwood Overland Park
29-Aug 7pm Sunrise Point Overland Park
3-Sep 7pm St Michaels Overland Park
3-Sep 7pm Lakewood Overland Park
3-Sep 7pm Mission Trail Leawood
3-Sep 7pm Prairie Star Overland Park
27-Aug 7pm Tomahawk Prairie Village
3-Sep 7pm Stanley Overland Park
5-Sep 7pm Holy Cross Elementary School Overland Park
11-Aug   Kansas School for the Deaf Olathe
21-Aug   Woodland Elementary Olathe
21-Aug   Meadow Lane Elementary Olathe
22-Aug   Sunflower Elementary Lenexa
26-Aug   Nike Elementary Gardner
27-Aug   Ridgeview Elementary Olathe
27-Aug   Forest View Elementary Olathe
27-Aug   Rolling Ridge Elementary Olathe
27-Aug   Sunflower Elementary Gardner
28-Aug   Northview Elementary Olathe
28-Aug   Washington Elementary Olathe
28-Aug   Clear Water Creek Elementary Olathe
28-Aug   Fairview Olathe
28-Aug   Manchester Park Elementary Olathe
28-Aug   Moonlight Gardner
28-Aug   Gardner Elementary Gardner
28-Aug   Rosehill Elementary Lenexa
29-Aug   Central Elementary Olathe
29-Aug   Mahaffie Elementary Olathe
29-Aug   Prairie Center Elementary Olathe
29-Aug   Westview Elementary Olathe
29-Aug   Madison Gardner
29-Aug   St Paul's Catholic Olathe
4-Sep   Cedar Creek Elementary Olathe
4-Sep   Rising Star Lenexa
4-Sep   Christa McAuliffe Lenexa
    Holy Trinity Catholic Lenexa
    Ravenwood Elementary Olathe
    Edgerton Elementary Edgerton
    Mill Creek Elementary Lenexa
19-Aug 7pm LaCygne LaCygne
    Crest Colony
5-Sep   Garnett Education Center Garnett
5-Sep   Greeley (@ Garnett Education Center) Greeley
28-Aug   Rockville* Louisburg
28-Aug   Broadmoor (@ Rockville Elementary) Louisburg
29-Aug   Trojan Elementary Osawatomie
22-Aug   Holy Trinity (@ Cottonwood Elementary) Paola
22-Aug   Sunflower (@ Cottonwood Elementary) Paola
22-Aug   Cottonwood Paola
4-Sep   Parker Elementary Parker
4-Sep   Fontana (@ Parker Elementary) Fontana
28-Aug   Eugene Field Ottawa
5-Sep 7pm Lincoln Ottawa
29-Aug   Wellsville Wellsville
29-Aug   Garfield Ottawa
    Queen of Holy Rosary* Wea
    Sacred Heart (@ Lincoln Elementary) Ottawa
    Appanoose Appanoose
    Williamsburg Elementary Williamsburg
    Central Heights Central Heights
    Jayhawk Mound City
    Pleasanton Elem (School Annex Building) Pleasanton