Red-Tailed Hawk District Leadership

Serving southern Johnson County, Kansas between Interstate 35 and Highway 69, including the cities and towns of Olathe, Overland Park, Stanley, and Spring Hill.

District Key 4 Leadership

Position Name Phone Email
District Chair Dan Kerling (913) 829-6913
District Commissioner Stan Lloyd (913) 484-1250
District Director Cortland Bolles (816) 569-4932
District Executive Elisa Corry (816) 569-4966

District Operating Committee Leadership

Administration Committees

Position Name Phone Email District Webpage
District Vice-Chair of Administration Doug Westerhaus

(913) 484-9557  
Finance Committee Chair        
Investment in Character Overall Chair Bill Mahood (913) 488-8616  
Family IIC Chair Jeff Oprisu (913) 956-1600  
Family IIC Co-Chair (Packs) Karen Strain (816) 213-2473  
Family IIC Co-Chair (Troops & Crews) Cliff Ogle (913) 254-9606  
Patron Lunch Campaign Chair Doug Dockhorn  
Community Campaign Chair Raul Duran  
District Popcorn Kernel        
James E West Chair Michael Samms (913) 338-5263  
Nominating Committee Chair Doug Westerhaus (913) 484-9557  
Public Relations Chair Dave Weerts (913) 706-0214  
Risk Management Chair Dave Weerts (913) 706-0214  
Youth Protection Chair        

Operation Committees

Position Name Phone Email District Webpage
District Vice-Chair of Operations Randy Warner (913) 782-4754  
Membership Committee Chair        
Cub Scout Spring Recruitment Chair        
Cub Scout School Night Chair Jeff Marshall  
Webelos-to-Scout Transition Chair Cliff Ogle (913) 254-9606  
Boy Scout Recruitment Chair        
Venturing Recruitment Chair Linda Weerts (913) 829-1321  
New Unit Organizer Chair        
Relationships Chair        
Religious Emblems Coordinator        
Activities Committee Chair Kristi Ogle (913) 909-0877  
District Dinner Chair Kristi Ogle (913) 909-0877  
Pinewood Derby Chair Mark Garcia (913) 226-8793  
Community Service Day Chair Kristi Ogle (913) 909-0877  
Webelos Woods Chair Craig Gabel  
Cub Scout Family Campout Chair Randy Warner (913) 782-4754  
Camporee Chair Randy Warner (913) 782-4754  
International Scouting Chair Tom Johnson (913) 568-3711  
Camping Committee Chair Tom Matches (913) 897-1636  
Day Camp Director Mike Domer  
Day Camp Program Director Erin Harvey  
Cub Scout Camp Promotion Chair Erin Harvey  
Boy Scout Camp Promotion Chair Scott Smith (913) 707-7540  
High Adventure Promotion Chair Chris Foote (816) 835-4796  
OA Chapter Advisor Mark Brewer  

Program Committees

Position Name Phone Email District Webpage
District Vice-Chair of Program Doug Machamer (913) 685-1035  
Advancement Committee Chair Jim Forson (816) 914-8036  
Eagle Board of Review Chair        
Merit Badge Forum Chair        
Training Committee Chair Ron Puls (913) 390-6581  
Cub Scout Training Chair        
Boy Scout Training Chair        
Venturing Training Chair        
Wood Badge Promotion Chair Karen Eichorst  
National Youth Leader Training Promotion Chair Karen Eichorst  
Journey to Excellence / Ideal Year of Scouting Chair Jeff Wandtke  

District Members-at-Large

Allen Baiamonte Matt Bixler Jim Bush Bob Clewell
Frank Colletti Jim Craft John Dunn Ed Edmondson
Mark Enke Pam Forson Quinn Greenhalgh Anita Guernsey
Gary Hazeltine Susan Lux David McCreight Mike Morris
Bob Musil Tri Nguyen Darren Pitts Cathy Puls
Hal Schmidt Scott Tobias Josh Wandtke Steve Ward
  Bruce White Pam Wilson  

District Commissioner Leadership

Position Name Phone Email
District Commissioner Stan Lloyd (913) 484-1250
Cub Scout Roundtable Commissioner Pam Wilson (913) 897-5733
Boy Scout Roundtable Commissioner Gary Hazeltine (913) 963-2454
Venturing Roundtable Commissioner Josh Wandtke (913) 558-3610
Tiger Den Leader Mentor Jana Ruskanen (913) 839-8569

For a complete list of Unit Commissioner assignments, go to Red-Tailed Hawk Unit Service.