Pelathe District Activities and Camping

Upcoming Pelathe District Events, Activities, & Campouts

District Dinner

Planning has already begun for the Pelathe District Dinner. At this time, we expect to hold District Dinner on February 9th, 2017 at Maceli's. More details to come. 

Cub Family Campouts

Overnight campout for Cub Scouts and their families on Friday, September 30th - Saturday, October 1st at Camp Naish. If you cannot attend on September 30th - October 1st, there are multiple other weekends to choose from to fit your schedule. Free for new Scouts. $10 for existing Scouts and family members. For more information, click here.


Pelathe District Camporee

2017: District Klondike February 3rd - 5th, Location TBD

2018: Fall Camporee TBD

2019: Spring Camporee TBD

We have one District Camporee per year that alternatives on a three year seasonal rotation (Fall/Spring/ Winter). 

Pre Approved Camping Locations in Douglas County:

Camp Bromelsick - Lawrence, KS

Operated by the Bromelsick Foundation, Camp Bromelsick offers a unique facility to the Packs in Douglas County. 

Bloomington Park - Clinton Lake

Phone: (785)843-7665

Contact: Park Ranger

Bloomington Park is a public use area managed by the US Army Corps of Engineers at Clinton Lake, with campsites available on a first-come-first-serve basis, and open for camping from April 1 to October 15. You must register at the park attendant station, located at the entrance to the camping area. Shelters and group camping areas must be reserved 24 hours in advance by calling the park.

Clinton State Park - Douglas County, Kansas

Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks

Kansas City, Kansas

Phone: (785)842-8562

Contact: Park Ranger

Clinton State Park has two campgrounds, with a total of 404 sites, 240 of them with electricity and water. The park also offers trails, picnic areas, and playgrounds

The Lawrence Hidden Valley Camp

3420 Bob Billings Pkwy, Lawrence, KS 66049

Lawrence Hidden Valley Camp

For Questions about camping locations, how to reserve a campsite, or any other questions, please contact Mark Inbody, prior to making arrangements. 

Mark Inbody
Pelathe District Camping Chair
(785) 979-4931 

Pelathe Community Service

Community Service is an important part of Scouting. Through community service, we promote better citizenship in our members. The BSA Journey to Excellence program helps units include that as a part of a well-rounded unit program. For more information about community service, using the Journey to Excellence website to reflect your commitment to community service, and learn about community service opportunities, go to HOAC Community Service.

Be sure to log your Community Service hours for all projects at the Journey to Excellence website:


Monarchs for Peace - Pelathe District's International Good Turn Project 

"Scouts in Canada, Mexico and United States working together to help save the Monarch Butterfly"

For more about our project, watch this video:  Pelathe District Conservation Good Turn and Monarch Watch

The Monarch butterfly is rapidly losing habitat and resources in the United States, Canada, and Mexico, Scouters in Pelathe District are working with Scouts and Scouters in Canada and Mexico to do the same. 

Our project works to establish a number of Monarch Waystations, located at various strategic places around Lawrence and Douglas County. Waystations, which can be areas as small as 100 square feet, with plants required for Monarch butterflies to produce successive generations and sustain their migration. The primary plant in the Waystation is the Milkweed. Our project is done in cooperation with Monarch Watch which is dedicated to the preservation of the Monarch migration by working together to create, conserve, and protect Monarch habitats. 

Monarch Watch is a nonprofit education, conservation, and research program based at the University of Kansas that focuses on the Monarch butterfly, its habitat, and its spectacular fall migration. Monarch Watch strives to provide the public with information about the biology of Monarch butterflies, their spectacular migration, and how to use Monarchs to further science education in primary and secondary schools. To learn more about Monarch Watch, click here: Monarch Watch

Another crucial partner in our project are the Master Gardeners of Douglas County. The Master Gardeners will work with the Scouts to ensure that they understand proper soil preparation and planting techniques for milk weed, a plant vital to the Monarch's reproductive cycle and a source of food for the butterfly.  They will also teach the importance of sustainability and how working together we can make a difference. To learn more about the Master Gardeners visit their website. Master Gardeners of Douglas County 

2016 Monarch Watch Good Turn Project Patch 

Cub Scouts
The Pelathe District Good Turn Project provides an opportunity for Cub Scouts to "think globally" and "act locally" to preserve and improve our environment. Working together in our local community, each Cub Scout pack plans details and establishes the service project date (on or around May 7, 2016), as well as the time and location for carrying out the
project. Hands‐on projects help Cub Scouts and Webelos Scouts realize that everyone can do things to care for the environment. Cub Scouts and Webelos Scouts participating in the Conservation Good Turn can also meet some advancement requirements. The project should involve the entire Cub Scout den/pack ‐ Scouts, leaders, and family

  • The patch is only available to registered scouts and scouters completing all requirements.
  • The Pelathe District Good Turn project should support pollinator projects:
    • maintenance of an existing pollinator garden
    • establishing a new monarch way station
    • other pollinator projects will be considered
  • A minimum of one hour of service per registered Cub Scout/Scouter.
  • Register your event online after project completion, and include a photo of the project.‐your‐event/
  • Submit your verification to

Boy Scouts, Venturers, and Varsity Scouts
The Pelathe District Good Turn Project provides an opportunity for Boy Scouts, Varsity Scouts, and Venturers to "think globally" and "act locally" to preserve and improve our environment. This program is designed to make youth members aware that all nations are closely related through natural resources and that we are interdependent with our world

  • The patch is only available to registered scouts and scouters completing all requirements.
  • Sign up as a volunteer to help on May 7th at the Monarch Watch Annual Plant Sale.
  • Alternative projects must be pre‐approved to qualify for the Monarchs for Peace Patch.
  • Complete a minimum of two hours of service per registered Scout/Scouter.
  • Register your event online after project completion, and include a photo of the project.‐your‐event/
  • Submit your verification to