National Youth Leader Training

An intensive, seven-day outdoor training experience for young men in support of the Scoutmaster's responsibility for the training of troop youth leaders. The course is conducted by the Heart of America Council Training Committee using the Junior Leader Training Conference outline, approved by the Boy Scout Division of the Boy Scouts of America.

The purpose of NYLT is to give participants the confidence and knowledge to run the troop program; to give participants a basic knowledge of the eleven skills of leadership and help them relate these skills to their troop responsibilities; to give participants the opportunity to share ideas and experiences with Scouts from other troops; to create an atmosphere where Scouts will experience Scouting at it's best; to enhance the relationship between the participant and his Scoutmaster; and TO HAVE FUN!

Each conference participant must be at least a First Class Scout, 13 years old and currently filling a leadership position in the troop or likely to assume one soon. He should be proficient in basic Scouting skills.

The conference is intended to strengthen the relationship between the junior leader and his Scoutmaster. The Scoutmaster or one of his assistants is expected to attend the final day's leadership commitment conference.

The courses for 2015 will be held concurrently on May 31 to June 5 and June 1 to June 6. Both courses will be held and Theodore Naish Scout Reservation.

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