Northern Tier District Leadership

Our District Vision:

  • To provide a quality Scouting program where Scouts can learn lifetime skills that will help teach them to better citizens in their community.
  • To create a safe environment that instills values, ethics, morals, and character that will build strong leaders in the future making better choices in the process.
  • To use each of our talents and treasures, as adults, to continue to build upon the Boy Scouts of America that will take us all down a more balanced path through life.

The Northern Tier District Committee is led by our volunteer District Chairman Chris Ross. Committee Meetings are held the Tuesday before Roundtable (which takes place the first Thursday of each month), except July, at Grace Christian Fellowship Church, 7230 Quivira Road, at 8 p.m. Anyone is invited to attend. If you would like more information about our district or would like to get involved feel free to contact Chris or any member of our district leadership team.

Northern Tier 2014 District Committee Roster

Position Contact Phone Email
District Chairman Chris Ross (913) 220-6634
District Commissioner Stephanie Ogan (913) 954-0725
Activities Ben and Lisa Grimsley (913) 441-3865
Webelos on Wheels David Wieliczka (913) 236-5703
District Dinner Stephanie Ogan (913) 954-0725
Family Campout Ben and Lisa Grimsley (913) 441-3865
Pinewood Derby Nathan Roney (913) 563-4773
Advancement Terry Masters (913) 432-8983
Eagle Boards of Review Phil Starcke (816) 806-1650
Merit Badge Counselor Chuck Davis (913) 381-7947
Camping Judy Tuckness (913) 244-9653
Camporee Troy Johnson (913) 962-6469
Klondike Mark Fix (913) 526-8215
Order of the Arrow Bob Kalkofen (913) 362-5576
Day Camp Director Dave Sultz (913) 381-7824
Day Camp Program Director Gigi Coleman (913) 231-7504
International Scouting Jerome Riscovallez (913) 677-5748
Finance Bill Henderson (913) 383-1950
Community Vacant    
Patron Luncheon Chair Mark Lieb (913) 908-4940
Family Campaign Scott Fears (913) 962-0685
Popcorn Connie & Tim Elliott (913) 432-3242
James E West Dave Mascal (913) 530-1581
Membership Mike Blinn (913) 432-4224
School Night for Scouting Alan Clark (913) 302-9899
Webelos to Scout Chair Bob McFarlin (913) 441-3138
New Unit Impact Team Ben Grimsley (913) 441-3865 
Training Jeff Deane (913) 205-0089
Venturing Training Greg Ogan (913) 839-6523
Woodbadge/NYLT Jamey Hilleary (913) 515-3841
Relationships Luke Corkill (913) 384-1108
Religious Emblems Troy Johnson (913) 962-6469
Scouts with Disabilities Terrence Gallagher (913) 488-2866
Risk Management Rob Jones (913) 681-1453
Risk Management Venetia McFarlin (913) 441-3138
Public Relations Jamey Hilleary (913) 515-3841
Awards Committee Steve Springer (913) 461-7020
Nominating Committee Bob Kalkofen (913) 362-5576 
Cub Roundtable Harry Moyer (913) 268-6958
Boy Scout Roundtable Rick Pope (913) 205-7898
Venturing Roundtable John Forsyth (913) 341-5061