North Star District Investment in Character

The Investment in Character Campaign keeps Scouting an affordable, effective youth development program. It funds the council's infrastructure, or general operating portion of the budget, and provides a support system for the more than 18,000 volunteers and 700 community organizations that partner with the Heart of America Council.   

The campaign is divided into two separate efforts: The Investment in Character Family Campaign, which solicits contributions from scouting families and the Investment in Character Community Campaign which seeks contributions from business and community leaders.

2013 Investment in Character

Thank you to all those that were a part of raising 102% of the goal for 2013.  You all have helped secure scouting for more youth in future.

Important things to remember: If you have qualified for free Rank Advancement, the Scout Shop has already been notified.  For any questions regarding this, please contact Niel Campbell at 816-569-4949