Merit Badge Program

Truman Library Merit Badge Program

The Fall 2015 Harry S Truman Library Merit Badge Program is scheduled for Saturday, September 19, 2015. 

The Fall Course is FULL. Information about the Spring 2016 Course will be posted when it becomes available.

This event is a participant registration (there is no unit registration), so be prepared to enter each participant individually (first name, last name, district, unit #, participants address, emergency contact name, phone number and the merit badge that Scout wants to attend).

Earn all the requirements for American Heritage or Citizenship in the Nation Merit Badge and tour the Truman Library and Museum.


  • Cost: $10.00 (non-refundable or non-transferable)
  • Time: Saturday, September 19, 2015 - 8:00 am to 1:30 pm  (small snack will be provided)
  • Place:

Harry S Truman Library
500 West US Highway 24
Independence, Missouri

                    Class "A" Uniform Required

Prerequisites for Citizenship in the Nation

Here are the requirements that need to be done prior to the Truman Library Merit Badge Forum:

  • Requirement 3:
    • Watch the evening news five days in a row OR read the front page of a major daily newspaper five days in a row. Be ready to discuss in class the national issues about which you learned.
  • Requirement 6:
    • Choose a speech of national historical importance, find out about its author and be ready to tell about the person who wrote the speech along with the importance of the speech in your class.
  • Requirement 8:
    • Write a letter about a national issue to send to one of the elected officials you previously identified.  Bring a copy of the letter to class for discussion and any responses you might have received.

In addition, read the Citizenship in the Nation merit badge book.

Prerequisites for American Heritage 

Here are the requirements that need to be done prior to the Truman Library Merit Badge Forum:

  • Requirement 1:
    • Rewrite the section of the Declaration of Independence stated in the requirement and be prepared to share and discuss in class.
  • Requirement 3a:
    • Select a topic currently in the news and be prepared to discuss in class.  You will need to know what is happening, and how these events today are related to or affected by the events and values of America's past.
  • Requirement 3b:
    • Be prepared to discuss all items listed.
  • Requirement 3c:
    • Research your family's history and be prepared to discuss how various events and situations in American history affected your family.
  • Requirement 4a:
    • Know what is meant by the National Register of Historic Places and identify at least two of these sites in your neighborhood, hometown or the entire Kansas City metro area.  Be able to locate these sites on a map of the metro area.
  • Requirement 4b:
    • Research the Battle of Westport and be prepared to discuss both the Union and the Confederate sides of the battle.