Deceased Tribesmen

The following tribesmen will be remembered at the Memorial Ceremony during the 2014 Tribal Celebration. The list is current as of February 8, 2014.


Benjamin J Arcano Jr   Honorary Warrior Watcher Of Wild Animals
Evert Asjes III   Firebuilder Growing Red Cedar
Irvine Atkinson   Honorary Warrior New Running Star
L E Ayles   Honorary Warrior Catcher Of Small Fish
Arvie Lee Baie   Sachem Everlasting Oak
Jack Ball   Honorary Warrior Fireball In The North
Ben Barnert   Firebuilder Stand And Wait
Dr Hugh Bishop   Honorary Warrior Say Ah
Anthony Bokarae   Firebuilder Swift Gliding Hawk
Joseph J Brocato   Honorary Warrior Black Thundering Cloud
Eugene L Brown   Honorary Warrior Little Evening Soaring Hawk
James Browning   Warrior Flashing Angry Black Cloud
John Browning   Warrior Little Angry Flashing Black Cloud
John Brownsberger   Honorary Warrior Big High Soaring Golden Eagle
Robert E Buchman   Keeper of the Wampum Big Strong Running Buck
Chris Calahan   Warrior Night Lizard
Marc A Canham   Honorary Warrior Bald Eagle Soaring Above Still Water
David A Carr   Brave Glowing Cinder
Steven P Catron   Brave Son Of Yellow Firefly
Ted Cauger   Honorary Warrior Big Swooping Golden Falcon
Billy R Cearley   Warrior Burning White Rock
Daniel P Civiello Sr   Honorary Warrior Big Swift Descending White Eagle
Matt A Clark   Tom-Tom Beater Brother Of Masked Raccoon
Timothy J Cobb   Warrior Little Gray Horned Owl
Charles Steven Cole   Honorary Warrior Lightning Swift Quill
David E Cook   Warrior Shining Silver Moon
Joseph P Cook   Sachem Lodge Builder
Milton T Cox Jr   Keeper of the Wampum Big Silver Laughing Bear
Thomas Crawford   Brave Left Wing Of Dove
Richard B Cray   Honorary Warrior Maker Of Great Firewater
Frank Danzo   Brave Good Breeze
William Donahue   Honorary Warrior Bold Blue Eagle
Matthew R Dunning   Firebuilder Least Swift Gray Squirrel
William Embree   Honorary Warrior Big Bright Gleaming Thunderbird
Nicholas A English   Brave Noble Spirit Walker
Victor P Eskridge   Honorary Warrior Lone Tall Pine
Dick Fisher   Brave Swift Darting Gray Squirrel
Gary L Foster   Honorary Warrior Protector Of Earth And Water
Ray E Freeman   Honorary Warrior Sender Of Many Messages
Stan Gaskill   Sachem Swiftly Sailing Blue Arrow
Grady D Gibson   Sachem Big Searching Red Fox
Henry Colvin Gish   Brave Two Leaning Trees
Frank Glorioso   Warrior Swift Running Lightfoot
Paul Gonzalez   Honorary Warrior Mystic Eagle Screaming In The Wind
John Richard Grindel   Honorary Warrior Shining Bald Eagle
Paul Grisafe   Honorary Warrior Feeds Many
Emmert S Hansen   Honorary Warrior Big Burning Pine Branch
Jack H Hardman   Honorary Warrior Golden Gliding Wings
Wesley Harryman   Honorary Warrior Big Swift Bright Shooting Star
Ed Harvey   Runner Blue Rippling Water
Jesse Hayes   Honorary Warrior Lazy Buffalo
Henry Heinrich   Honorary Warrior Brother Of Racing Snail
Joseph G Helms   Sachem Roaring Bird
Patrick Henry   Honorary Warrior Traveling Owl
Wesley Hill   Honorary Warrior Mighty Lobo
John Hogue   Warrior Swift Mighty Running Buck
Michael T Homer   Keeper of the Sacred Bundle Brother Of Distant Rumbling Thunder
Harold U Hosterman   Brave Brown Oak
Daniel Hughes   Warrior Whispering Black Whippoorwill
Winslow Huntley   Honorary Warrior Wandering Many Moons
Gary Lee Huntsman   Brave Darting Silver Squirrel
Rey J Irwin   Brave Yellow Ember
Dr V Carl Jelley   Honorary Warrior Sleeping Thunder Hawk
John P Jones   Honorary Warrior Wise Story Teller
George L Kartsonis   Honorary Warrior Chopping Beaver
Robert M Keller   Warrior Mossy Rock
Kevin Kennedy   Sachem Flashing Sky In The Night
Thomas H Kenton Jr   Runner Burning Hickory
Gerald Kerby   Honorary Warrior Pheasant Stalker
Charles Kerstann   Brave Spinning Brown Spider
Josef P Kessler   Medicine Man Returning Trails
James E Ketterman   Honorary Warrior Flaming White Sparks
John Kosman   Honorary Warrior Smoking Signal
Leon Kusnetsky   Firebuilder Noisy Water
Donald Loudon   Honorary Warrior Strong Eagle Feather
Edward Lynn   Brave Watching Red Crow
Robert Lynn   Brave Little Watching Red Crow
Dr Russ Lytle   Honorary Warrior Talking Cherokee
Kevin Magee   Sachem Little Silver Ball
Joseph E Mangum   Firebuilder Warm Fire
Bo March   Honorary Warrior Shadow Of Two Suns Rising
Robert F Maughan   Honorary Warrior Big Lonely Calling Whippoorwill
Stephen Maxwell   Warrior Curious Scorpion
John J McGovern   Honorary Warrior Great Howling Bear
John C Messina   Brave Bending Leaves
David W Metheny   Firebuilder Challenging Cricket
Jon Meulengracht   Brave Swift Running Fox
Elmer Moffett   Honorary Warrior Lost Band Of Gold
Lloyd R Montgomery   Honorary Warrior Arrow Stone
Paul Nead   Honorary Warrior Turns Metal Red
Douglas Nixon   Honorary Warrior Hard Running Bronco
Gene Ogan   Warrior Little Rugged Beaver
John Robert Osborn   Sachem Singing Wasp
James A Peters   Honorary Warrior Lone Silver Fox
Charles Ploeger   Warrior Silent Blue Axe
Charles Pritchett   Honorary Warrior Builder With Steel
William R Radford   Honorary Warrior Protector Of Wood
Lee R Ramsburg   Honorary Warrior Early Morning Sun
Richard C Ray   Chieftain Little Dying Elm
Bruce Reed   Firebuilder Gray Darting Bat
Ray R Rieling   Sachem Curling Serpent
Jason A Rittermeyer   Honorary Warrior Lazy Rising Morning Sun
David Ross   Brave Least Many Racing Horses
Ralph Ross   Honorary Warrior Many Racing Horses
Gordon Rudaitis   Warrior Little Smoking Silver Bird
Timothy R Ryan   Keeper of the Wampum Dancing Gray Squirrel
Charles Sampson   Honorary Warrior Crimson Star
Mark Schulze   Honorary Warrior Spirited Silver Fox
Jim Schwartze   Honorary Warrior Watches Red Sky At Sunset
Charles W Scott Jr   Honorary Warrior Racing Wind
Frank Shahrokhi   Honorary Warrior Blowing Breeze
Dennis Shaul   Warrior Fast Running White Cloud
Arthur Simpkins   Honorary Warrior Seeker Of Thunderbird
David Simpkins   Firebuilder Little Seeker Of Thunderbird
Justin Sisson   Warrior Burning Black Tomahawk
Ike Skelton Jr   Chieftain Blue Scroll
Phil J Slimm   Brave Winging Locust
Dr Harold Smith   Honorary Warrior Big Fast Running Red Squirrel
Thomas E Smith   Honorary Warrior Big Twin Distant Morning Star
Willis R Soendker   Honorary Warrior Screaming Thunderstorm
Jon Spies   Firebuilder Little Silver Comet
William Sprague   Honorary Warrior Thunder In The Mountains
Stanley Staats   Firebuilder Strong Wind
R Donald Stevens   Firebuilder Hissing Flame
Albert E Stewart   Sachem Fiery Cloud
Bob E Stockdell   Honorary Warrior Flashing Blue Streak
Charles Sweeney   Honorary Warrior Mighty Swift Soaring Condor
Joel D Swetnam   Shaman Swift Black Tomahawk
Bernard R Tanner   Sachem Silent Fire
Wendell Thomas   Honorary Warrior Wandering Moon
Edward Thompson   Runner Little Winged Listening Bee
Vincent R Thompson   Warrior Big Bright Shining White Star
Brant W Tidwell   Honorary Warrior Seeker Of Painted Sky
Richard E Troxel   Honorary Warrior Blue Rolling River
Cecil Turley   Honorary Warrior Traveling Wings
James R Turner   Warrior Grandson Of Strong Whispering Bull
Doug Urie   Honorary Warrior Great Sleek Stalking Black Panther
Michael Walker   Honorary Warrior Leaping Powerful Wolverine
John D Warnex   Honorary Warrior Fast Running Gray Fox
James Weber   Honorary Warrior Big Red Falling Branch
Jimmie R Weber   Honorary Warrior High Climbing Arrow
Michael E Weiner   Medicine Man Swift Striking Copperhead
J Lyle Wells Jr   Sachem Silent Tree
David Wheeler   Warrior Gray Wheel Horse
Benny E Whitehead   Honorary Warrior Strong Shining White Oak
Herbert Wood   Honorary Warrior Purple Raven