Commissioners College

Central Region Area 5


Hosted by

Heart of America Council, BSA


What is the College of Commissioner Service?

  • The College of Commissioner Service is an annual training event for all commissioners.  Its curriculum reflects the belief that commissioners who are current in their training and are familiar with new methods and concepts are better prepared to provide effective unit service

Who should attend?

  • New Commissioners
  • Unit and Roundtable Commissioners
  • District and Assistant District Commissioners
  • Council and Assistant Council Commissioners

Guest Speaker

  • Shawn Jackson, Founder and Creator of the new ScoutBook Software

Degrees and Courses

  • All Commissioner Service degrees are offered:  Associates Degree, BCS, MCS, BRT, MRT, and DCS.  Additional offerings include Commissioner Basic Training, DC/ADC Training, and a Post Masters/Doctoral Workshop.  All courses are either new or recently revised.


  • Cerner Riverport
  • 6711 Northeast Birmingham Rd.
  • Kansas City, MO  64117



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Purpose and Objectives of the College of Commissioner Service

The Central Region, Area 5, College of Commissioner Service is an annual training event for all commissioners that offers commissioners of the Boy Scouts of America a vehicle for continuing their education through advanced learning experiences in unit service. The College's objectives are to help commissioners expand their skills. The goal of this experience is to promote the increased effectiveness of the individual commissioner.  Its curriculum reflects the belief that commissioners who are current in their training and are familiar with new methods and concepts are better prepared to provide effective unit service.

This ongoing training opportunity will benefit new Commissioners and experienced Unit Commissioners.  Any adult leader that is curious about the numerous resources available in the Scouting movement is invited to attend.

  1. Associate's Degree (Includes Commissioner Basic Training)
    • Commissioners who have not completed Basic Training begin here.  This program combines basic training and courses chosen to help develop the Scouter's commissioner skills.  Those completing this program receive an Associates Degree.
  2. Continuing Education (CEd)
    • The CEd program continues the commissioner's educational experience and serves those who simply wish to take additional elective courses.  A Certificate of Continuing Education is presented to Scouters who participate in the Plenary Session and complete six courses.
  3. District Commissioner and Assistant District Commissioner Training
    • This is an all-day training program for DCs and ADCs.  New DCs and ADCs are especially encouraged to enroll.  This program is open to any administrative commissioner.
  4. Bachelors of Commissioner Service (BCS)
    • This is the entry-level degree program for commissioners.
      • Prerequisites:
        • Current registration as a commissioner
        • Completion of Commissioner Basic Training
      • Degree Requirements:
        • Complete six prescribed courses, five of which will have the BCS prefix
        • Attend the Plenary Session
  5. Masters of Commissioner Service (MCS)
    • The MCS program offers advanced problem-solving and administrative skill instruction. 
      • Prerequisites:​
        • Current registration as a commissioner
        • Completion of the BCS degree
      • Degree Requirements:
      • Complete six courses that have the MCS prefix
      • Attend the Plenary Session
      • Earn the Arrowhead Award
  6. Doctorate of Commissioner Service (DCS)
    • The DCS is a two-year program.  In addition to attending workshops, degree candidates identify, complete and present an approved thesis (an original project or research study) that addresses issues of relevance to commissioners.
      • Prerequisites - Year 1:
        • Current Registration as a commissioner
        • Completion of the MCS or the MRS degree
      • Requirements - Year 1:
        • Complete the prescribed Doctoral Thesis Planning Workshops
        • Attend the Thesis/Project Presentation Workshop
        • Attend the Plenary Session
      • Prerequisites - Year 2:
        • ​Current Registration as a commissioner
        • Completion of DCS Year 1 Program
        • Acceptance of Thesis Proposal by Doctoral Committee
      • Requirements - Year 2:
        • Completion and Acceptance of the Thesis
        • Present the Thesis
        • Observe other Thesis Presentations
        • Attend the Plenary Session
        • For at least one year (i) serve as a College of Commissioner Service instructor or staff member, OR (ii) work with commissioner training support
      • Additional Degree Requirements:
        • Complete additional courses for a total of 24
        • Earn the Commissioners Key
  7. Bachelors of Roundtable Service (BRS)
    • This program is for Cub Scout, Boy Scout, and Venturing Roundtable Commissioners.
      • ​Prerequisites:  Current registration as a commissioner.
      • Degree Requirements:
        • ​Complete one of the following two workshops (i) BRS 201, Cub Scout Roundtable, or (ii) BRS 202, Boy Scout Roundtable​
        • Attend the Plenary Session
  8. Masters of Roundtable Service (MRS)
    • The MRS program involves advanced practices designed to further assist the Roundtabe Commissioner in fulfilling his/her role.
      • Prerequisites:
        • Current Registration as a Commissioner
        • Completions of the Bachelors of Roundtable Service (BRS) degree
      • Degree Requirements:
        • Complete the Roundtable Masters Workshop, MRS 450
        • Attend the Plenary Session
  9. Doctorate of Roundtable Service
    • ​These requirements are the same as those for the DCS except the thesis has a Roundtable emphasisi
  10. Post Masters/Doctoral Workshop
    • This is a half-day workshop in which participants discuss and examine current problems facing commissioners and then propose actionable strategies.
    • Prerequisite:  Completion of one of the masters programs or completion of the doctoral degree

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