Capital Improvement Campaigns

Periodically, the Heart of America Council conducts special Capital Improvement Campaigns to underwrite the cost of major improvements or develop new facilities at the Naish Scout Reservation, Bartle Scout Reservation or Starr Service Center. Below is a list of the current Capital Campaigns that are being conducted within the council.

H.Roe Bartle Scout Reservation  Storm Shelters

The construction of the Storm Shelters at the Bartle Scout Reservation continues towards the completion of all the shelters this spring.  The current status of the project is as follows:

All shelters are in place
20 of the 29 shelters are poured
Lone Star and Sawmill shelters are back filled
Electrical rough-in is completed in Lone Star and Sawmill
Concrete work is on schedule
Door installation is about (10) days behind schedule


Capital Maintenance Projects

Work on the 2013 Capital Maintenance Projects for the Naish and Bartle Scout Reservations have started.  At Bartle, the repair of the RHQ and Health Lodge Floors has started and will continue through the spring.  The metal for the steel roof on Lone Star Dining Hall is in the process of being bended in anticipation of the Sheet Metal Workers Apprentice Group donating their time to install it in the fall.  At the Naish Scout Reservation, the installation ofothe new gates has started and repairs and remodeling of the Ranger House is almost complete.