Each year, hundreds of volunteers from across the Heart of America Council donate their time to the maintenance and up keep of the Theodore Naish and H. Roe Bartle Scout Reservations by joining the Heart of America Council Camp Maintenance Team.

On scheduled weekends throughout the year, a wide variety of projects are scheduled at both reservations, which include: painting, building repair, tent and cot repair, roofing, plumbing, electrical, carpentry, conservation, and general cleaning.

Work days at both the H. Roe Bartle Scout Reservation and the Theodore Naish Scout Reservations are open to all registered Scout Troops, Venturing Crews, and Scouters. Lunch will be provided to all participants at no cost, please register prior to the Wednesday before the workday for your food order.

The youth in the Heart of America Council greatly appreciate all the hard work and support you provide in order to keep both camps in good working order, thank you.

To register for a Camp or Council Office Workday please click on one of the links below…

Click here to sign up for Bartle Workdays Click here to sign up for Naish Workdays Click here to sign up for Council Office Workdays
January 10, 2015 January 17, 2015 October 3, 2015
February 7, 2015 February 21, 2015  
March 7, 2015 March 14, 2015  
April 11, 2015 (Skilled Trades Day) April 18, 2015  
May 9, 2015 (Regular and Mic-o-Say) May 2, 2015  
August 15, 2015 May 16, 2015  
September 12, 2015 August 29, 2015  
October 10, 2015 September 26, 2015 (Skilled Trades Day)  
November 7, 2015 October 24, 2015  
  November 14, 2015  

Bartle and Naish Camp Maintenance Skilled Trade Days

Heart of America Council, BSA is asking for your help to maintain our Camp facilities and to prepare for our year round camping program. We have a long list of projects that needs your help in accomplishing and completing. Please sign up below for the day at each camp, which will start at 8:00 am ad end at 4:00 pm Meals will be provided.

Click on the Scout Reservations below to make your reservation for the day.

         Naish Scout Reservation for September 27, 2014 (Click on link to register)

         Bartle Scout Reservation for April 11, 2015 (Click on link to register)

         Naish Scout Reservation for September 26, 2015 (Click on link to register)


Council Safety Training

Working safely may get old, but so do those who practice it.

The Heart of America Council Safety Training is Saturday, March 21, 2015 at Theodore Naish Scout Reservation. This training includes equipment, tools and RTV's/carts. All registered Heart of America Council members who will be driving an RTV or cart for the council, at camp or elsewhere, will need to attend and be certified.

HOAC Safety Training

Chainsaw Training

Our chainsaw training covers safe practices for handling these potentially dangerous tools. Our Fall 2014 training will be at H. Roe Bartle Scout Reservation Oct 10-11. Spring 2015 training will be held at Theodore Naish Scout Reservation April 17-18. Click on the appropriate link below to register for the training you'd like to attend.

Fall 2014 Bartle Chainsaw Training

Spring 2015 Naish Chainsaw Training


Maintenance Team Award Recipients

Without your efforts and hard work throughout the years, we would not have two great camps to deliver our quality programs to the Scouts of our Council. The highlight of each year is the awarding of the "Volunteers of the Year" and "Lifetime Achievement Awards". Congratulations to past recipients.

Volunteers of the Year Award

  • Naish Scout Reservation - Tim Saint, 2008
  • Bartle Scout Reservation - Danny Minnick, 2008
  • Naish Scout Reservation - Larry Sisk, 2009
  • Bartle Scout Reservation - Craig Jones, 2009
  • Naish Scout Reservation - Gary Bloomer and Stan Lloyd, 2010
  • Bartle Scout Reservation - Chris Bessmer, 2010
  • Naish Scout Reservation - Russell Downing and Todd Whiteley, 2011
  • Bartle Scout Reservation - H. Wayne Hoenshell and K. Ed Mynatt, 2011
  • Naish Scout Reservation - Bob Miller, 2012
  • Bartle Scout Reservation - Kim Hein, 2012
  • Naish Scout Reservation - John Cookinham IV, 2013
  • Bartle Scout Reservation - Mark Trammell, 2013

Lifetime Achievement Award

  • Naish Scout Reservation - David Miller and Allan Boyd, 2007
  • Bartle Scout Reservation - Clarence Stevens, Bob Moeder and Robert Hedberg, 2007
  • Naish Scout Reservation - Gene Adams, 2008
  • Bartle Scout Reservation - Gene Young, 2008
  • Naish Scout Reservation - Bob Gilner and Bill Whitenack, 2009
  • Bartle Scout Reservation - Lloyd Carpenter, Sr.and West Rutherford, 2009
  • Naish Scout Reservation - Kenny Long and Steve Campbell, 2010
  • Bartle Scout Reservation - Craig Jones, 2010
  • Naish Scout Reservation - Bruce Coleman,2011
  • Bartle Scout Reservation - Barry Slotnick and Bill Kirke, 2011
  • Naish Scout Reservation - Tommy Dudley, 2013
  • Bartle Scout Reservation - Kenny Dannenbrock, 2013

Campmasters comprise a group of selected registered Scouters who volunteer to serve the Council short-term camps whenever troops, packs, or crews are using any part of the camp property. They usually serve between September and June.

Campmaster Teams

Team Number Team Leader Name   Team Number Team Leader Name
1 Gene Adams   14 Tim Thomas
2 Bob Atkins   15 April Hale
3 Thomas Bundy   16 Barry Slotnick
4 Bob Gilner   17 Tammy Maybell
5 Bill McCully   18 George Weaver
6 Susan Rodgers   19 Tim Foster
7 Ernie Brewington   20 Michael Morris
8 Fred Bixler   21 Jim Jacques
10 Rowley Tedlock   22 Arnold Flippin
11     27 Tim Pearson
12 John Cookinham III   28 Sharlet Untereiner
13 Bob Euler      

Campmaster Service Calendar

Campmasters may review the schedule for their teams' service by clicking on this link to the 2014 Campmaster Team Calendar. And click this link for the 2015 Campmaster Team Calendar.

Campmaster Application

Campmaster volunteers must maintain a current Campmaster application on file with the Heart of America Council. In 2014, the Summer Camp Staff could designate their Campmaster participation on their Camp Staff application and accommodate this requirement. If you need to complete a 2014 Campmaster application, please  click here for the current version. Once completed, mail the application to: Theodore Naish Scout Reservation, 1100 Martinek Lane, Kansas City, KS 66111  attn: Campmasters.  Completed applications may also be faxed to (913) 441-6920.

Campmaster Handbook

A good Campmaster is always prepared, including having access to the most current version of the Heart of America Council Campmaster Corps Handbook.


Campmaster Training

Campmasters must maintain their training by completing HOAC training every two years.  There are two ways to complete this training: attend training at the HOAC Service Center or complete the training online.  The 2014 training session at the Service Center was held in February.

Online training is available.  Review the Campmaster Handbook, then successfully complete the online test to satisfy the training expectation.  Successful completion is considered 75% correct on the test.  Insert your name at the test login and use "Campmaster" as the passcode to begin your test session.
Click here to access the online test.      Click here to download the Campmaster Handbook.

Emergency Shelter Familiarity

Campmasters may be called upon to assist in activation and use of the emergency shelters at Bartle or Naish.  Please review these tutorials to maintain your familiarity with shelter activation.  Click here for the first video and click here for the second video.