Campmasters comprise a group of selected registered Scouters who volunteer to serve the Council short-term camps whenever troops, packs, or crews are using any part of the camp property. They usually serve between September and June.

Campmaster Teams

Team Number Team Leader Name   Team Number Team Leader Name
1 Gene Adams   14 Tim Thomas
2 Bob Atkins   15 April Hale
3 Thomas Bundy   16 Barry Slotnick
4 Bob Gilner   17 Tammy Maybell
5 Bill McCully   18 George Weaver
6 Susan Rodgers   19 Tim Foster
7 Ernie Brewington   20 Michael Morris
8 Fred Bixler   21 Jim Jacques
10 Rowley Tedlock   22 Arnold Flippin
11     27 Tim Pearson
12 John Cookinham III   28 Sharlet Untereiner
13 Bob Euler      

Campmaster Service Calendar

Campmasters may review the schedule for their teams' service by clicking on this link to the 2014 Campmaster Team Calendar. And click this link for the 2015 Campmaster Team Calendar.

Campmaster Application

Campmaster volunteers must maintain a current Campmaster application on file with the Heart of America Council. In 2014, the Summer Camp Staff could designate their Campmaster participation on their Camp Staff application and accommodate this requirement. If you need to complete a 2014 Campmaster application, please  click here for the current version. Once completed, mail the application to: Theodore Naish Scout Reservation, 1100 Martinek Lane, Kansas City, KS 66111  attn: Campmasters.  Completed applications may also be faxed to (913) 441-6920.

Campmaster Handbook

A good Campmaster is always prepared, including having access to the most current version of the Heart of America Council Campmaster Corps Handbook.


Campmaster Training

Campmasters must maintain their training by completing HOAC training every two years.  There are two ways to complete this training: attend training at the HOAC Service Center or complete the training online.  The 2014 training session at the Service Center was held in February.

Online training is available.  Review the Campmaster Handbook, then successfully complete the online test to satisfy the training expectation.  Successful completion is considered 75% correct on the test.  Insert your name at the test login and use "Campmaster" as the passcode to begin your test session.
Click here to access the online test.      Click here to download the Campmaster Handbook.

Emergency Shelter Familiarity

Campmasters may be called upon to assist in activation and use of the emergency shelters at Bartle or Naish.  Please review these tutorials to maintain your familiarity with shelter activation.  Click here for the first video and click here for the second video.